1. Test print. Line weights are spot on 👌
    Re-adaptive space for 950 Dupont St


  2. Portfolio complete and bound! All hand bound!


  3. Trial run of the stab stitch for the portfolio. Stabbed my finger in the process, guess they don’t call it the “stab stitch” for nothing


  4. A little project I’ve been working on for a friend. Making a racing jacket for a 1:6th scale mannequin, to be part of his thesis model. Sewing was all done by hand.


  5. Sunday fun day with Revit. First try at using the program. Turned out pretty well :)


  6. Change of scenery to prep this portfolio for printing!


  7. Portfolio is now live! Feel free to check it out :)

    third year; winter 2014


  8. Overlay on overlays. Time to put these plans onto cad! Sneak peek of the current adaptive re-use project I’m working on


  9. Overlaying, plan on plan on plan


  10. Ideations for an upcoming re-use project